8 Hero Synergies that Dominate the Current Meta

They're flexible, dangerous and we see them nearly every tournament. Here are some of the most powerful hero combos we have seen in the current meta.

We all know Heroes is a team game in every sense of the word. With no single player able to carry in the traditional MOBA way, powerful team composition and hero synergy are of utmost importance. Here are 8 of the most popular competitive lineups and examples of them being played on a tournament level. Next time you que with some friends, try these combos out and start dishing out serious pain.

Meat on Ice ( The Butcher/ Tyrande/ Jaina)

This composition is defined by the ability to focus one target and kill it no matter what. Tyrande and Jaina excel at early roaming and the gank squad gets a huge power spike at level 10 when The Butcher has access to Furnace Blast. 

Just One Stun ( Jaina/ Tyrande/ Muradin)

The vanilla burst combo minus Butcher: Just as powerful and can fit any other support and even a 2nd warrior. It still boasts gank squad capacity with any hero + Tyrande for early game dominance.

Match example : Puszek Team vs Team Kinguin

Hell's Crusade ( Johanna/ Azmodan)

The best farming combo that allows Azmodan to safely acquire Taste for Blood stacks easily and quickly. Later in the game, Johanna will constantly set up Azmodan dunks and provide vital peel for the Lord of Sin.

Mana-Crazed ( Malfurion/ Kael'Thas)

Malfurion is the best counter to Kael'Thas poke, so naturally it's powerful to pair the two together. These two heroes excel at long ranged poke wars and its only weakness is Kael'thas getting burst down faster than Malfurion can heal. Fantastic for sieging and taking advantage of pick offs. 

Match example: Gamers2 vs. Na'Vi

Worthy Apprentice Acquired ( Abathur/ Johanna)

Johanna becomes a threat when given the Abathur hat, and this combo allows for aggressive map control early in the game. Often paired with Illidan or another melee assassin for level 20 Hivemind craziness.

HoTs and DoTs ( Nazeebo/ Malfurion)

Zombie Wall into Entangling Roots is surprisingly deadly, considering how easy it is to set up. Nazeebo and Malfurion push well together, and also contest objectives very well, grinding out most compositions with damage over time and healing over time.

Match example: Roccat vs. MYM Heroes

Fire and Ice ( Kael'Thas/ Jaina)

Denying your opponent the two most powerful AoE heroes allows an inherent team fight advantage. Together, these two heroes can burst down any target that gets in their back line, and make it impossible to lose a team fight if left to cast spells freely. Best paired with Uther or Rehgar, and as many meat shields that can fit in a composition.

Light and Shadow ( Uther/ Zeratul)

Divine Shield allows the most powerful melee auto attackers in the game to safely get off their damage and take out one target, and Zeratul currently qualifies as one of those heroes. Divine shield allows Zeratul yet another get-out-of-jail free card if caught out of position, and also allows the most popular Follow Through / Focused Attack build to sneak in a few more safe hits. 

Source: GosuGamers
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